Final thoughts —-

It is hard to believe we are so near to the end of this course – EC&I 834.  We were asked to reflect on the prototype we put together as a group.  First I did find it a challenge to only meet online vs in person at any point – but that maybe a sign of my age.   I learned to connect using zoom better on a smaller scale to help to put together this prototype.  The suggestion was to use google classroom, which was a great suggestion, but totally new to me.  I took time to learn about it and how to proceed – please refer to my prior posts regarding my learning curve  I really hope this prototype is useful to someone following the work we have put into it.  We focused on genius hour.  By doing this prototype we were allowed to use our learning and integrated technologies we had gained.  I have taught online for some time, but never attempted to make a platform to do this.  I increased my knowledge base and technology skills to do this.

A few touch up were needed following the suggestions of other students for our presentation.  These included how we would deal with a variety of scenarios if they were encountered.  We increased the age of the students involved with this prototype from grade 3-8 to grade 5-8.  It was thought it could be done at a younger age, but maybe more appropriate for older students. An additional video was created to explain the prior learning that maybe need to take place in order to blog for this prototype.  A huge thank you to all the group members of prototype development – Danielle, Adam, Kyle, Jenn, and Jorie.   A big thank you to Alec and Katia for their help and dedication.

The summary of learning we chose to do was with both Adam Krammer and myself.  Please enjoy- It is combination of a few technolgies.


One thought on “Final thoughts —-

  1. Adam and Lorraine … I love that you guys used several different tools! And thank you so much for explaining about VideoScribe (costs, etc.) as well. Super helpful. I can tell that you both got a LOT out of this course!


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