Open vs Closed Online Classes

This week we were asked to think about the idea of openness in education.  In the past I have taken a MOOC class, but did not finish it.  At the time I felt a bit guilty, but when I look at the stats I realize I was one of the majority of people.  Mooc is an online video of college lecture.  M – means there is no limit to the number of students who can enroll in the world.  MOOC –  Massive Open Online Course.

MOOCs are controversial.  Some think they are higher education, others may feel the opposite.    They do provide a solution to overcrowded classrooms.   It forces professors to improve their lectures.  MOOCs are usually less than an hour addressing a single topic.  They create a dynamic archive.   People can interact from all over the world,  allows teachers to make the best of classroom time in a blended class.  MOOCs are designed to make the students keep up.  They offer business opportunities.  Negatives may include the following – Made discussions challenging, cause teachers to become a ” glorified teaching assistant”.   Research has shown that 25% of people taking the MOOC will drop out.  This is often due to reading abilities.  I do think  the MOOC adds value, but how many feel is should not replace traditional learning.  Does every country in the world have the same values to be accepting of the MOOC ? Not everyone can access them for various reasons.  I don`t believe you get a college credit for them


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