Platform and module learning

Hi Everyone,

Well I have to be honest again, learning for this project has been a steady climb for me.  I have never used google platform before, and that in itself was a learning curve.  Being able to access was not easy for me, as my U of R email was not working properly.  I finally was able to access this platform, and it was new to me.  I have learned a great deal about how it works, and how to add attachments to it.  A big thank you to Adam for helping me.  The following you tube is a short video on google classroom.

My next challenge was to learn to use screencast-o matic.  I had made a power point, but wanted to be able to apply it to a screen cast. It took me a few tries to get this accomplished.  I think part being nervous and know it is being taped.  I tried to insert my actual screen cast o matic, but it would not work to apply for me here.

My final learning curve was developing a kahoot by myself.  I think this was the easiest for me to do.  Instructions were easy to follow, and worked easily. My students love kahoots in the classroom.  It is interactive and interesting.  The quizzes can be based around any subject of choice.  A great way of learning.



3 thoughts on “Platform and module learning

  1. Hey Lorraine,
    While the learning curve can be steep, I hope that you do get a chance to reflect on how far you’ve come over the duration of 1.5 courses! It is evident in your blogging (use of embeds, links, pingbacks, etc.) as well as your more confident tone in your reflections.

    Keep up the great work Lorraine!


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