Content Creation Tools

I have to say I have learned a great deal from EC&I 834 so far.  This is my second class so not feeling totally overwhelmed yet.  This week we were challenged with trying out one of the tools that were listed in our weekly schedule. After reading Jamie`s blog I have to agree with the comments there regarding IMovie.  We used IMovie in our final project in our last class.  It did work well, but I was happy I had someone that had used it prior.  I have I Movie on my cell phone as it came with the phone and I tried using it.  I first tried to use pics together as  movie –  It did work , but it was slow ( i am sure there must be a way to speed up to progression of the pictures).  I loved the  adding of songs to the video though.   IMovie is an Apple  video software that runs on Macintosh operating systems.

Pros of IMovie from my point of view may include – allows editing of both simple and complex videos.  It looks professional when finished.  It is user friendly for the most part.   You are able to add music and create movies from a number of sources.  It has video sharing capabilities also. You are able to edit each clip up close.  Text easy.     Cons may include,not all MP4 are supported by IMovie. The storage space is limited.  I have not tried to upload to you tube, but it was mentioned this maybe difficult depending on the version used.

I do think IMovie is an option to be used, that is user friendly for people like me that are not so technology savvy. I have been told that Final Cut is  faster and has more sophisticated video editing software ( maybe worth a look at).





3 thoughts on “Content Creation Tools

  1. I’m glad it gets better as the classes progress. I will have to check the iMovie stuff out a little more closely. It is nice that it’s available on phones, as that helps where technology is problematic. I can count on half the kids having an iphone atleast!


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