Hi Everyone,

I have already blogged a bit about our topic of genius hour. I have to admit this was relatively new to me and has taken some learning. The idea sounds fascinating, and hopefully fruitful to others that learn about it.   The platform we have chosen to use is google classroom.  I personally have never used this before – so again another learning step for me.  The people working in the group I belong to have this used and felt it was a good working tool.  It always assignments to be stored and graded.  The instructor has the option to create files and attach them to the assignment.  Progress of the students can be monitored.  Assignments can be graded online and marks applied.  Communication between the instructor and class can be achieved.  Two way communication can also be utalized.  The classroom can be accesseed on the web or via a mobile app.  A code is given to the students , leaving more time for the teacher to engage in other activities.  This video helped me to understand it a bit better.

This will be a learning curve to use this platform for me. I look forward to the challenge ahead.



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