Course Prototype Project

Hi Everyone,

I am have to admit when I sit down to write these blogs I always wonder if I write enough. I am not a person to write a lot, but rather like to say what I want in shorter paragraphs.  So I do apologize if my blogs seem short at times.  I joined a group of wonderful fellow students who had already discussed a topic for our project.  I was really interested as I knew relatively little about the project idea.  I have to be honest- I had to research to really understand the meaning, and what my role would be.  My background is being a nurse, so this is relatively new concepts for me.  We are looking at genius hour.  I honestly believe this is an amazing concept.  The people I am working with mostly teach within our school districts, so as a nurse and a instructor of a nursing program I had to think how this would apply for me personally.  When I was a manager with the health region I believe this concept would have been valuable asset, to gather ideas for improvement, and increase motivation etc.  Now that I teach a nursing program, I believe the genius hour could have the potential to bring forth amazing contributions to our profession.  The learning module I will be looking at is how to develop questions that drive this project.  I keep wondering what it would have been like for me when I was younger to be able to actually learn about something that interested and inspired  me.  When I read Melinda`s post  I have to say I loved her opening dialogue  with Eminem`s song.  Welcome back Melinda !!   I know I am learning a lot even though this is my second class with Alec C .  I look forward to learning with you .  I think developing a course with medical terminology would be exciting, with a lot to learn.


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