Introduction to EC &amp I 834

My name is Lorraine Wagner.  I am currently taking my 8th master class, this being my 2nd Ed Tech course.  I am a mom of 2 adult kids and a grandmother of one beautiful grand daughter.

img_2027              img_1729

I currently teach with the Saskpolytech 4 year nursing program.  I retired from the Regina Qu`appelle Health Region about 1 year ago, but have returned to work casual in emergency for them.  I also teach online for Internationally Educated Registered Nurses.  Most of my career has been working in  acute care setting such as Coronary Care and Post Anesthetic Recovery Room.   I have not been the most “techy” person other than Facebook, but am willing to learn.  The goals I have set for myself include

  1. Increase my knowledge regarding current technology used in a classroom setting.
  2. Apply any new knowledge of technology to my online and classroom setting
  3. Become more familiar with Twitter and how to use it properly.

I look forward to meeting everyone weekly through zoom or in person and developing a rapport to learn new technology.


4 thoughts on “Introduction to EC &amp I 834

  1. Thanks for sharing, Lorraine! I love your three goals for the semester – I know that Twitter can be daunting and, at first, seem not entirely useful. But it does get better and I have learned so much on it! I have tried the mentality of doing as much as I can, because if I try to take on all that Twitter offers, I would definitely be sinking in all the opportunities. Looking forward to the semester together!


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