Summary of Learning

I have had a great journey since I started taking ECI 833.  I had little technology experience so this was a great learning curve for me.  I have now gained an understanding of the history and nature of educational technology.  I have learned about the theorists and practitioners in the field.  The philosophies theories and ideologies have influenced technology and influence teaching and learning today.  It was interesting for me to understand ways in which learning theories intersect with and inform technology use in the classroom,  Cultural and societal values shaped our contemporary technology integration practices.  How issues equity and social justice have implications on educational technology.  We have used a student led research with our group projects, participation on twitter, contributed to google plus, and our final assessment of learning project.  Thank you Adam and Venessa for working on this final project with me.


5 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Thanks for sharing this video! You have a very thorough summary of everything we learned, and I really appreciated your comments on what we knew as kids and what we know now as teachers. The world certainly has changed quite a bit. Thanks again for sharing!


    • Thanks for the comment. When I think back about what I used as a child compared to now, the change is phenomenal. I wonder what is to come in the future !!


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