Augmented and Virtual Reality

First I would like to say thank you for the great presentation on this topic.  I was a bit scared of this presentation, as I have never really done a lot in regards to this.  I think you opened my eyes, and spurred my interest.

Virtual reality 

Augmented Reality

When I think about using these technologies in my line of work it is exciting.  We could teach students about working in the OR –  using augmented reality – picking up different instruments, and watching the surgeries themselves.  The students could visualize the role the entire team, and how they fit into this.  In simulation we could have the students watch an entire  code happen, and the roles each provide.  I think the possibilities could be endless with this technology for learning.


2 thoughts on “Augmented and Virtual Reality

  1. The idea of augmented reality still seems so futuristic to me! I have a hard time visualizing what’s to come in the upcoming years when I am still so baffled that augmenting our reality is even possible.


  2. Thanks for the comment Erin. I totally agree regarding the futuristic idea. It will be so interesting to see what comes in the future


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