Assessment Technology

When I sat down to think about what assessment technology that is new to me and plan to use this week, it would have to be SNapp.Snapp is an application developed for the 4 year nursing program at Saskpolytech/ U of R nursing.  It was developed by Shelly Luhnig  _ a co-instructor working from the Saskatoon Campus. She developed this application to use in the clinical nursing areas. It is used by both instructors and students.  It is an evaluation tool in these areas.  It looks 6 competencies that need to assessed that are in co-ordination with the SRNA ( Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association).  Students are allowed to make comments on each competency that they have achieved or working on that day.  Instructors can also make comments on each student and the student comments.  It is a paperless system that you can generate a report used for evaluation purposes.  It is emailed to the student when the instructor finishes at evaluation time.  It allows for interaction between the instructor and student on an ongoing basis. This was the first time I had used this app, and with anything new, it brings some confusion and frustration as well as positives. Over time the kinks are getting worked out, and positives are outweighing the negatives.  It will save time, and provides a great deal of information to the student ongoing.  Nothing will come as a surprise at the end during the evaluation to the student due to the ongoing feedback.

I choose this tool as it is relevant in my work at this time.  It was mandatory to use , but at present due to some technical issues will again be mandatory in January. This app can be accessed through your phone or computer.  Challenges for me using this was time, as so many users were using at one time and the system became slow to use.  Upgrades have been made in accordance with responses from staff and students.  Students felt this app is positive if minor glitches can be overcome. This application is more of a formative assessment.Formative assessments provide both students and teachers with the information they need to improve the learning process while it’s happening.  A con to this app is that some nursing students tend to use their phones more on the units than prior.  Overall I feel this form of technology will be a benefit once the learning curve has peaked, and people are more comfortable using it.


2 thoughts on “Assessment Technology

  1. I definitely feel formative assessments, that are communicated well, can take away the surprises some may get upon a summative assessment. It sounds like this nursing app is really useful it allowing the students to reflect on their own learning. Have you had any students really opposed to using the app? Do you have any students who find it difficult to utilize this app as they are not privileged to own their own devices?


    • I have not heard of any students having issues with not being able to own their own device. I know some students were really frustrated as the app was freezing and working as it had intended to.


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