Web 3.0 – Impacts on Education

I have to be honest when I first starting thinking about Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0  i had to look the definitions up to be sure of the meaning of each. When I think about web 1.0 I think of google, MSN messanger, Information that is available online.  It is one way information.  When i considered web 2.0 I began thinking about interactivity with real time.  It was more personal than web 1.0.  Examples may include social media sites such as wikis, blogs, face book, twitter etc.  This era is has 2 way interaction.  Now we are starting to experience web 3.0.  This is 3 way interaction.  It also includes interacting with the web server.  The web server remembers our preferences.  It may actually recommend to us suggestions.  The applications are now becoming pieced together.  It is very fast, customizable, and distributed virtually.  It is hyper-connectivity.


When I think of education and the shift to Web. 3.0 it is an exciting time.  Students now may have the ability to interact more, with suggestions being given to them.  Business may flourish more. This business may include education.  But can all students afford the new technology.  Is it  more for the privileged ? Do all students and teacher have smart phones ?   Is there security risks with the newer technology ?    Will this new technology cause us not to think as much and relies on the information given to us from the computer/ smart phone etc.   It does open up a new dimension for us and the availability of information.  It customizes to our needs and the to course we are taking or teaching.


One thought on “Web 3.0 – Impacts on Education

  1. Thanks for sharing Lorraine! I love that you address the idea of customization. I think we are always thinking about differentiation in education and how we can meet the needs of all the diverse students we have in our classes. Perhaps Web 3.0 will help us out with this endeavor if it can customize learning for our students – or at least push us in that direction. Thanks again!


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