Tools for Online Education

We are now midway through the semester and using various tools for online education. This was my first time using zoom. I did find easy to work with, which is a plus for me as I am not very tech savvy. I have used Skype in the past with success also.  I have to admit I am not really familiar with twitter.  Twitter has been a challenge for me.  I personally do not find it user friendly – but that maybe due to a lack of familiarity with this program.  I did find this you tube helpful.

At this point in time I dont feel I would use twitter in my classroom due to my unfamiliarity with it.  I do mark for internationally educated nurses from all over the world. The frustration I have is that I don`t get that face to face interaction.  The students see my name and my picture but really have no idea about me. The same goes for me and each student I mark the assignments for.   It is exciting when I get to meet them when they come here for their practical experience.  This is not organized and sometimes is by chance that I get to meet them. The online program I currently use has a drop box where the students submit their assignments.  I mark each assignment and send it back to them through these drop boxes.  I find it impersonal , and not able to always give the feedback I may give if it was in person. Kahoots are interesting for students.  I have used them in my class with good success.  I believe the inter-activeness of them provides interest  to the students.  Google +  works well for me. It is easy to work with . I do find if the application is easy to work with, I will gravitate towards it more.   Google Docs  also provides an easy application that can be used by multiple users and can be accessed easily on any device.


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