Internet – Productivity or Distraction ?

When I first watched this video and I sat and thought of this and  i have varying thoughts.  To be honest if I stayed focused on a project or task I can accomplish this and be productive.  Many times though I get distracted easily and start multitasking and my productivity decreases.  I do believe the internet  has great positive and negatives influences in our lives today.  When I think back to the days prior to the internet and raising my children, my priority was my children.  I do agree the internet has provided a great deal of information and knowledge to us all.  Today my 20 month old granddaughter opened my phone and goes exactly to the application she wants with her animal and sounds they make.  Again, this is positive and negative at this young of an age, but where is it going to lead to ?  I notice she would rather play on this application than maybe interacting with other children.

Image result for children playing

When I asked my daughter in law her thoughts of the internet – her first statement was ” at least I have more information and knowledge available at my fingertips”  When I am at work the internet does make productivity succeed to levels I could not achieve without it.  My students now have more interactive lectures, simulation, and learning has increased for many.  What about the student who does not engage online to the degree as others do?  Do they start to get lost in the shuffle. When I teach to online international educated nurses,  they are so thankful  when they can meet me and make that connection.  Some have told me they did not finish the course as it was so impersonal, and they were not able to put that connection to words with the person teaching.


I guess from my point of view it depends on the individual and how they use technology and the effects it has in their own life.




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