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When I first looked at this blog prompt I had to sit back and think what have I used with my students for educational purposes.  I kept thinking I have not used a lot, then realized maybe I have used more than I thought.  I first began thinking about You Tube videos in the classrooms.  When I first starting using these videos I had great difficulty as not all classrooms would allow me to utilize the you tube site.  My powers of be had concerns over copy write etc and using them in the classroom.  Times began to change and soon access became easier.  Positives for me included Easy to watch and upload videos, lots of videos available on many topics, was a source of information and organization for historical/world events, and students were more engaged.  Negatives may include false information, copyright issues, offensive content, privacy issues ( maybe home addresses information relayed without permission), students may upload videos without parental consent, and many advertisements.


So after I thought about what other educational technology have I used with students.  I have frequently used simulation. Simulation has changed a great deal from years ago when I first started using it.  The technology has increased making the simulation dolls we use more life like, and realistic.  We actually deliver babies through simulation.  We can have a simulation of a dying patient.

Often we do not  have clinical areas to accommodate the number of nursing and medical students requiring access.  One option is simulation.  I do not believe that simulation can replicate real life, but it does provide a safe environment to learn.  Errors are not fatal here.  The transference to real life is good, but not always the same.  It always for a more comprehensive evaluation of the students knowledge.  The students often recognize their gaps in learning also.  This type of learning provides a safe condition for supported learning for all types of acuity.   Cons may include the fact that some students do not recognize this as being what real life scenarios maybe.  Maybe as time goes on , the manikins may become more real life like and believable for students.


2 thoughts on “Educational Media/Software

  1. Interesting use of technology. It is nice to look at teaching and technology from a different perspective. In my classroom grade 5/6 mistakes are encouraged. I think it is great that technology is allowing students in post secondary the opportunity to continue to practice by learning from mistakes without causing harm to a live person. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I think the simulations that you guys use are a great way for students to learn the skills they will need when they move into the work force. But I also can see where you are coming from when you discuss the idea that students might not connect the mannequin to real life. If the mannequin seems to robotic it may be difficult for students to react to a real life situation when the time comes. I also like that they can practice without harming anyone in real life. Thanks for sharing!


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