Educational Technology – affects on schooling

Sesame Street had a great impact on the educational system.  This show began in 1969, and by 2016 is reaching its 46th year in production.  By the 10th year 9 million children were viewing this program.  Why the attraction to children ?   Did it encourage a change in our school system as we knew it ? I do believe it had an affect on our school system.  The younger grades I believe have become more innovative.  Often primary grades now  use music and educational technology in the classroom.  I did find it interesting my own two children did not like sesame street, but rather enjoyed Mr. Dressup ( who was more traditional in his presentation to children.  The attraction of Sesame Street was the songs, and Muppet characters.  Many children use their own personalized devices , but not all children can afford these.  Will the school board financially assist these families that cannot afford them? Some school have available, but not all schools. Is traditional socialization decreasing from cell phones and computers ?  Does personal creativity decrease with increased Personal device use in children ?


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