Educational Technology

I believe Educational Technology enable a person to strive to make learning more efficient, and effective to the learner.  I remember the excitement in the years when our family purchased our first television.  For me this was my first link to the outside world.  I was a child at the time and did not realize this was an educational technology that had great impact on our visions of people and the world.  Our home had a radio prior to that television becoming a reality.  My parents listened to this device that started to shape our views of the world and how we adapted our perceptions.  The visual effect of the television enhanced our learning and recreation time.  I lived on a farm at the time, and this was our connection to the outside world, other than the local towns people that met in the restraunt for coffee. We did have a rotary dial telephone ( which was a party line).  We each had our own combination of rings to know if was our call or not. ( ours was two short rings and one long ring).   I began school at 6 years of age, which was my first formal education.  To be honest most of my research in those days was done using the encyclopedia.  Most homes had copies of the entire set.  The door to door salesman sold these sets to most of the farmers in those years.  To this date I still get the “year book” on a regular basis as the update to the set.  I graduated grade 12 in 1980 and attended the University of Saskatchewan. I took the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  We had no computers, but used the occasional overhead in lectures.  It was at this point that the world of a large library opened up to me, and provided increased knowledge. John Kenneth Galbraith (1967)  proposed a definition that applying scientific or other organized knowledge to the attainment of practical ends . He felt learning goals in educational settings are often complex , and difficult. I do believe we try to help people to learn in various ways, one using technology.  As time progresses it becomes faster, more efficient and less expensive.  It does allow people to attain knowledge that prior would have been impossible.  When I asked my daughter in law her opinion of technology, she said with the internet it gives her increased knowledge she never had before.  With advances of technology negative associations have become prevalent.  An example maybe less time talking face to face, or injuries from motor vehicle accidents due to texting.  Not everyone`s learning style can be addressed using online tools.   My son is dyslexic and finds technology can be daunting for him.  At the same advancements with technology have allowed that he obtained his grade 12, having a computer read information to him.  The list can go on for pages regarding pros and cons of educational technology.  I personally believe as long as it is proving a benefit and we understand the concepts relevant for the individual.


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